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Axes & Hatchets | Side Axes

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SOLD -W. Gilpin Hatchet

An old hatchet made by Gilpin with shortened hardwood handle.

Elwell Side Axe | 4lb

A right handed side axe made by Elwell. Blade is marked 'Elwell 248A, 4'. Head is marked with some pitting and black staining (see photos).

Price: £95.00
Gilpin Wheelwrights Axe | 5lb

A 5lb wheelwrights axe made by Gilpin, warranted solid steel.

Price: £70.00
SOLD - Elwell Topping Axe | 4lb

A 4lb topping axe made by Elwell, blade is marked 'Elwell, 3516, 4'. Has a replacement handle that is slightly smaller than the head hoop (see photo), handle also has some denting.

Elwell Felling Axe | 6 1/2lb

A 6 1/2lb Elwell felling axe with hardwood handle, length of the handle is marked with a number of dents. Head is marked 'Elwell, Wednesbury Forge, Solid cast steel warranted, 6 1/2' also marked '385452'.

Price: £80.00
Goosewing Side Axe

An old left handed goosewing side axe with makers stamp (see photo) that has a blade length of 12 13/16". Ash handle is marked with around a dozen old treated worm holes.

Price: £205.00
Elwell 7lb Felling Axe

A large 7lb felling axe with a good clean replacement ash handle. Head is marked 'Elwell, 7, 501334'.

Length across head: 292mm (11 1/2")
Blade height: 160mm (6 1/4")
Handle length: 830mm (32 1/2")

Price: £106.00
Broad Axe

A broad axe that has a blade height of 149mm (5 15/16"). Has a large chip to handle close to axe head.

Price: £58.00
Garant Side Axe

Side axe made by Garant.

Price: £43.00
3 Old Edge Tools

Collection of 3 old edge tools including a sabotiers hollowing tool, all 3 tools are marked with heavy pitting and large chips. Sold as collectable items.

Price: £20.00
Talabot Miner's Axe

An old miner’s axe made by Talabot, blades marked “Talabot 54”. Has chips from handle with a large piece missing from the base of the handle around 140mm long, handle also has a few old worm holes. Blade of this old axe is marked with pitting.

Price: £60.00
SOLD - W.A Tyzack & Co Hatchet

A light weight hatchet marked' W.A.Tyzack & Co Ltd, Special'. Has a good clean hardwood handle.

SOLD -Elwell Topping Axe 4lb

4lb toping axe made by Elwell. Has some chips to blade edge (see photo).

SOLD -Brades Side Axe

A right handed side axe made by Brades and marked with the crown logo. We believe this axe to be around 4lb. See photos for condition of axe head.

SOLD -Elwell Axe 2 1/2lb

A lovely kent pattern axe clearly stamped 'Elwell, 2 ½'. Ash handle is marked with the previous user's name stamp.

SOLD -Austrian Goosewing Side Axe

An ash handled Austrian goosewing side axe.

SOLD -Elwell Axe 4lb

A coopers type axe made by Elwell with original Elwell handle, has around 15 treated worm holes to base of handle.

SOLD - Felleing Axe | 7lb

A large 7lb felling axe with hickory handle, marked to head '7'. Handle has 1 old treated worm hole. Head is marked with staining and a denting to rear of head.

SOLD -Brades Side Axe | 4 1/2lbs

A 4 1/2lb side axe we believe is stamped with the Brades makers stamp. Has a good clean ash handle. Has some pitting marks to face of blade, reflected in price.

SOLD - Firemans Axe and Pouch

Fireman's axe with leather pouch. Axe head is marked 'SPR, PN'.

SOLD -Scout Axe with Leather Sheaf

A light weight axe stamped 'Scout' to blade. This small axe has a strapped ash handled. Comes with leather sheaf, lacks locking button.

SOLD - 14 Craftsman Made Miniature Axes

14 craftsman made miniature axes. These well made miniature axes replicate original pattern axes.

These well made miniature axes display the finest details with all the contours of the axe heads, shaped handles… These miniature tools measure from 40mm long overall up to 178mm long and are fixed to a framed board.

SOLD - Gilpin Side Axe

An ash handled side axe made by Gilpin, Wedges Mills. We believe the axe is around 4 1/2lbs.

SOLD -J.Fenner Axe

A rare 5 ½ - 6lb blacksmiths made axe made Fenner, head is marked 'J.Fenner Makers Boarshead. J.Fenner was an edge tool maker from Crowborough in East Sussex.

SOLD Millstone Dresser | Mill Bill

A millstone dressers / mill bill with oak handle. This old tool is used for dressing stones.

SOLD - W.Gilpin Topping Axe

A short handled topping axe ideal for hedge laying made by 'W. Gilpin, Wedges Mills, warranted solid steel'. Has a good clean ash handle.

SOLD - Austrian Side Axe

An old Austrian side axe with Fern touch mark and other decoration. Handle is slightly loose and has 4 old treated European beetle holes.

SOLD - Wm Greave Coopers Side Axe

A right handed coopers side axe with ash handle made by Wm. Greaves & Sons, Sheaf Works. Has a good clean blade for its age, has minor patch of pitting.

SOLD - Lath Hammer

Strap handled lath hammer / axe marked '600'.

SOLD - Elwell Firemans Axe

An old ash handled fireman's axe by Elwell. Blade is marked 'Elwell 5122' reverse side of blade is marked H98, 1952, also marked with the ministry arrow. Head of axe is marked with some dents and black staining. Handle has some marks / dents through use. This second hand Elwell fireman's axe comes with a fabric blade cover.

Online catalogue > Green Tools >  Axes & Hatchets | Side Axes