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Spirit Levels

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SOLD- Stanley Machinists Level | 4 inch

A brass topped machinist spirit level. Has some staining to cast iron body and light scratching to top.

Starrett Engineering Level | 18

An 18 inch long engineering level made in USA by Starrett. Protective swivel cover is marked 'The LS Starrett Co, Athol Mass USA.'. Retains all 2 working bubbles, one end bubble is missing, body retains an estimated 90% of its finish.

Price: £80.00
Brass Level | 66mm

A small brass level that measures 66mm long overall. Has a small machine cut to one side of level (see photo).

Price: £20.00
SOLD - Watts Precision Block Level | 12 inch

A 12 inch precision block level no. 80007made by Watts, London. Retains both working bubble. The glass outer cover for the larger bubble has a piece missing to one end 15mm by 5mm. Level retains an estimated 90% of its finish and comes with original Watts wooden box.

Engineers Spirit Level | 6

A 6 inch engineers spirit level with protective swivel cover that has loss to original finish (see photo). Sole is marked with speckling of pitting and black staining.

Price: £25.00
Inclinometer Spirit Level

An old inclinometer spirit level. Has a number of pitting marks mainly to top and sides of level. Retains both bubbles.

Price: £28.00
Rabone Spirit Level No. 1394

Engineers spirit level no. 1394 made in England by Rabone. Retains little of the original nickel plating, length of sole is marked with speckling of pitting.

Price: £15.00
Rabone Chesterman Engineers Level

Engineers spirit level made in England by Rabone Chesterman. Sides and sole have some black staining and minor pitting. Retains 3 intact bubbles.

Price: £35.00
J.Rabone and Sons Spirit Level | 24 inch

24 inch long mahogany spirit level made by John Rabone & Sons. Level has 3 intact bubbles and retains the original John Rabone & Sons / Hockley Abbey trade mark.

Price: £28.00
Stanley Sweetheart No. 39 ½ Spirit Level

A 6 inch no. 39 1/2 spirit level made in USA by Stanley (Sweetheart mark). Retains little of the original nickel plating.

Price: £21.00
Alex Mathieson No. 8C Level

A brass topped ebony spirit level No. 8C made by Alex Mathieson, Glasgow, a lovely old level with raised top and old patina. Body and brass top has some minor dents.

Price: £48.00
Sorby Rosewood Spirit Level

A rosewood spirit level with brass top and feet made by I.Sorby, Sheffield, warranted correct. Brass top has been refitted by previous user, with both steel and brass screws, there is also a slight gap between the brass top and rosewood body.

Price: £24.00
Edward Preston Boat Level

A rosewood spirit level that has brass feet and top marked 'EP, Preston England'. Has a replacement vertical bubble held in place by filler, lacks brass holding caps. Feet brass sections are held n place with steel screws, brass top centre is held in place with brass screws.

Price: £21.00
SOLD -Decorative Ebony Level

An old decorative ebony spirit level with brass fittings. Bubble is intact.

Length: 10"

SOLD -Wilson Lovatt Spirit Level | 16

Mahogany spirit level with brass feet and top marked Wilson Lovatt & Sons Ltd, Wolverhampton. The level has 4 adjusting screws. Side of level retains original trade Jema, Wilson Lovatt label. Mahogany body has some marks and dent.

Edward Preston Spirit Level

A 12" spirit level made from mahogany with brass top and feet, marked EP, E.Preston & Sons, B'ham, Eng, Warranted Correct. Mahogany body has a number of marks and dents mainly to base.

Price: £35.00
Rabone Bakelite Spirit Level

A black Bakelite spirit level made in England by Rabone no. 1624. End of level has a 8mm by 6mm chip.

Price: £18.00
Smallwood Engineers Spirit Level

A 4 inch long engineers spirit level made by Smallwood. Lacks much of the original finish. Has a replacement bubble

Price: £20.00
E. Preston & Sons Spirit Level

Rosewood spirit level made by Preston, brass top is marked 'E.Preston & Sons, B'Ham Eng'. Lacks vertical bubble, brass top has a dent to centre section.

Price: £18.00
Rabone Bakelite Level no. 1623

A Bakelite spirit level no. 1623 made in England by Rabone. Level is fitted with 2 intact bubbles one of which has been replaced.

Price: £19.00
Rabone Bakelite Level no. 1624

A scarce 9 inch Bakelite spirit level no. 1624 made in England by Rabone. A fine level that comes complete with the John Rabone & Sons original box (box is in a very poor condition with missing end and torn corners).

Price: £24.00
W.Marples Level - 18 Inch

An 18 inch long brass top level made by W. Marples & Sons, Sheffield, England. Beech body is marked with the ministry arrow and dated 1944. Level is not accurate, sold as a collectable item only.

Price: £16.00
J. Buck Rosewood Level

Brass top and bottom rosewood level that appears to be faintly marked to rosewood body J. Buck Holborn Viaduct London. Has a number of dents to level.

Price: £40.00
SOLD -Wilson Lavatt Level

A mahogany level with brass top and feet marked Wilson Lavatt & Sons Ltd Made in England Wolverhampton. Has some marks and dents. Side of level is marked with the original Wilson Lavatt trade label.

Iron Inclinometer

An iron inclinometer that measures 10 inch long overall, angled measurements are marked 1-16per foot. Retains all three bubbles. Top of level is marked with a long patch (115mm long) of pitting. Body retains an estimated 90% of its japanning.

Price: £46.00
Stanley no. 34 Engineering Level

6 inch engineers level no. 34 made in USA by Stanley. Sides of level are marked with the previous user's name.

Price: £45.00
Small Engineering Level

A heavy little engineering level with brass top, body is marked '24'. Body is marked with minor black staining.

Price: £15.50
Thos Smith and Sons Level 1894

An early level made by Thos Smith & Sons of Saltley C & M 1894. This old level is made with a mahogany body and brass top and feet.

Overall Length: 304mm

Price: £46.00
Engineering Level

A cast iron engineering level that has three bubbles. This second hand tool retains an estimate 85% of its finish.

Price: £20.00
Stanley Level no. 102

An old carpenters level made from cherry by Stanley, brass plate is marked Stanley Rule & Level Co New Britain Conn USA, Pat 6-2-91, 6-23-96. The brass plate has a bend in the middle (see photo). The wooden body is faintly marked 102, Pollard’s Liverpool, body is marked with some denting.

Price: £14.00
Rosewood Spirit Level

A user made rosewood spirit level with brass top and base.

Price: £20.00
The Billy Rosewood Level

Rosewood level with Brass top and feet marked The Billy made in England Warranted Correct. Base of level has some denting and one of the brass feet has a been corroded. Measures 8” long overall.

Price: £15.00
SOLD -Davis Inclinometer Level

A lovely antique Inclinometer Level made by Davis and marked 'L.L.Davis Adjustable spirit level, pat.sept.17 1867'. This old decorative cast iron level dates from around the late 1800's and retains an estimated 95% of its finish.

SOLD -Davis Spirit Level

An old level that we believe dates to around the late 1800's. Brass face of level is marked 'Davis L & T. Co, Mfg'd. By Springfield Mass, 38'. This old level has a working bubble and measures 118mm long overall.

SOLD - Mathieson no. 77C Rosewood Spirit Level

A fine rosewood level with brass top and feet marked A. Mathieson & Son Glasgow & Edinburgh, 77C, Warranted Proved Tube. Retains working sliding bubble protector cover.

SOLD -J.Rabone & Sons Brass Spirit Level

A small brass engineering level made by J.Rabone & Sons, Birmingham, Warranted Correct. A lovely little level that has an adjusting screw to underside, retains steel case (case has patches of heavy pitting).

SOLD - Miniature Level in Boxwood Case

A fine miniature brass level with a boxwood case.

SOLD - Starrett Engineering Level

An 8" engineering level made by Starrett with protective swivel cover marked The L.S. Starrett Co Athol Mass USA. This engineer's level retain an estimated 96%+ of its original finish, also come with the original box (box has been taped up and is in poor condition).


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Joseph Marples Spirit Level Ref: JMSL
Spirit level made from rosewood with a thick brass top and brass feet made by Joseph Marples.

Available Size: 6", 9"


Joseph Marples Spirit Level
Rosewood Level - 9" Ref: CRL9
A traditional 9" (9 inch) rosewood and brass boat spirit level, manufactured to the highest standards by Crown Tools.

Available Sizes: 4", 9"


Rosewood Level - 9

Online catalogue > Measuring Tools >  Spirit Levels