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  • Record Tools

    Search through our range of popular Record hand tools

    and planes.

  • Stanley Tools

    Find much loved Stanley hand tools and

    planes from the past.

  • Preston Tools

    Here you can find collectable tools from Edward

    Preston. Search for planes and hand tools.

  • Sorby

    Here you can find Robert and I.Sorby hand tools,

    chisels, measuring tools, planes..

  • Disston Saws

    View popular hand saws from the past by the famous

    saw maker Henry Disson, including: dovetail, tenon rip, crosscut saws..

  • Wm Marples

    View tools from Wm. Marples & Sons who was a famous tool maker

    producing many types of hand tools.

  • Norris Planes

    View finely made woodworking planes from the popular tool maker 'Norris'.

    A London plane maker whose tools are very much sought after today.

  • Addis Chisels

    S.J and J.B Addis wood carving tools

  • Alex Mathieson
  • Elwell