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  • Paring chisels

    Here you will find a selection of paring chisels with either bevel edges or parallel sided blades.

  • Carving tools

    Here you will find a wide selection of wood carving tools from popular carving chisel makers like Addis, Henry Taylor and Marples.

  • Paring Gouges
  • Firmer Gouges

    Here you will find firmer gouges which are shorter than paring gouges. We often stock boxwood, beech and ash handle gouges from popular tool makers like Wm.Marples, Sorby and Ward.

  • Firmer chisels

    Shop for Woodworking firmer chisels from popular tool makers from the past like Ward, Sorby and Marples. We often have in stock bevel edge and parallel sided chisel blades with either boxwood, beech or ash handles.

  • Mortice chisels

    Here you will find a selection heavier duty old chisels. We often stock:

    Mortice chisels, used registered chisels and larger framing chisels.

  • Turning chisels

    Here you will find used woodturning tools from tool makers like Sorby, Marples, Ashley Iles..

  • Specialist chisels

    Shop for Specialist woodworking chisels including:

    sash pocket chisels, lock draw chisels..

  • Replacement handles

    Here you can find unused replacement chisel handles made from:

    boxwood, beech, ash or rosewood.