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  • Spirit levels

    Shop for Used Spirit Levels from popular old tool makers like Stanley, Wm Marples, John Rabone along with many other makers from the past.

  • Tape measures

    Here you find lovely old leather cased mesuring tapes made by:

    John Rabone, Chesterman, Hockley Abbey along with other tool makers from the past.

  • Marking gauges

    Here you will find a selection of used:

    marking gauges, mortice gauges, panel gauges and butt gauges.

  • Squares & Bevels

    Shop for Try & Mitre Squares, Combination Sets and Used Sliding Bevels from tool makers like Rabone Chesterman, Stanley and Moore & Wright.

  • Trammel Points

    Here you will find decorative trammel points from the past.

  • Rulers

    Shop for old used wooden folding rulers, parallel rules and steel rulers. We often stock rulers from past tool makers like:

    John Rabone, Hockley Abbey, Chesterman and Edward Preston.

  • Plumb bobs

    Here you will find decorative brass plumb bobs and used plumb lines.

  • Other measuring tools

    Shop for various measuring tools including old brass mitre templates, used wire gauges.

  • Dividers & Calipers

    Here you will find German Silver Proportional Dividers, Spring Dividers and used Vernier Calipers.