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  • Adze

    Here you will find a selection of used woodworking adze, we often stock:

    Hand adze, coopers, shipwrights, bowl adze and stirrup adze from makers like Brades and Gilpin.

  • Axes

    Here you will find a selection of used:

    Felling axes, Topping, goosewing and Side Axes along with smaller Hatchets by past toolmakers like Elwell, Gilpin and blacksmith made axes.

  • Billhooks

    Here you will find a selection of old and used billhooks, sickles and swaps.

    We often stock Elwell, William Swift and Parkes billhooks along with blacksmith made tools.

  • Drawknives
  • Froes

    Here you will find old froes, we often stock branded and blacksmith made froes.

    A froe is designed to split wood / logs down the grain and to make chestnut staves for fencing.

  • Garden Tools
  • Agricultural tools
  • Pocket Knives and...

    Pocket Knives and Scribes