Tool Nut are a UK based company that offers a fine selection of high quality British made woodworking tools.

Spoon Carving - Courses

David Knight runs courses on spoon carving with greenwood, using small branches of freshly felled hardwood as material for carving useful products that are both functional and unique

British Woodcarvers Association

British Woodcarvers Association - exists to advance the art of wood carving in all its forms.

Record Plane Reviews

- Informative website covering old Record planes. allows users to add comments and reviews regarding Record planes.

UK based company specialising in restoration and antique tools.


Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, that has something to offer you by encouraging these interests and perhaps reviving earlier memories. As a heritage group they provide a forum for discussing traditional tools and the way in which artisans of the past worked with these tools.

An information website with photos and history of Record tools.