Old Tools understands and appreciates customers wish to shop in the knowledge that their personal and bank details are being safely looked after. We understand security is a big thing when shopping on the Internet, so we want to put you at ease when shopping with Old Tools by informing you a little about the security of your personal and bank details.

All credit card and other personal information is sent to the well established and respected PayPal. PayPal is currently the worlds largest online merchant processor with 22,000 websites already using PayPal to sell products, along with over 50 million members. All transaction details are processed through PayPal. During any transaction all your personal details will be kept safe, Paypal uses the highest level of security available: 128 bit SSL encryption. 128 bit SSL encryption is the highest level of security commercially available (the same level that can be found on other well established online shops). How the encryption works is to create a single encrypted connection from your computer to PayPals computer. All your information is sent securely to PayPal, this information is then securely stored and protected physically along with being stored on encrypted servers and protected by digital firewalls. All personal information will only reside with the well respected PayPal so you can be safe in the knowledge that all your information will be secure and not passed onto any third parties.

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* Please use this information as a very rough guide only.


Always look for the padlock symbol usually located either (in the bottom right hand corner of the page or the top right hand corner) before entering credit card information, if there is not a padlock symbol, it is probably not safe to enter your personal details.


Check the url/website address when making a transaction, normal standard text pages display which is fine when browsing, this should be different when on a page where personal details need to be entered (credit card info) i.e, always look for https:// this shows the page is secure.


Always type the web address in the address bar at the top of the page. Never use clickable links i.e in emails, unless you trust the company providing the gateway/link.

Spoofing or phising is where a website will be created by a con-man to mirror a well respected website the con-man then sends an email to people that have browsed the original site, these emails could be asking for personal details, credit card etc... or there could be a link in the mail to the site he's created which then takes you to a payment page. All emails we send out to our customers are purely informative mail, we will never ask for credit card or other personal information via email. Always type the address in the address bar yourself this way you know you're at the write website, clickable links in emails can be made to make you think your going to the respected site but unknown to you, your taken to a mirror site.


Old Tools records personal information sent to us in accordance with the latest UK data protection legislation. Old Tools may use information recorded anonymously for marketing research in order to track customer usage trends and to help improve the website. Old Tools may send an occasional promotional email to our valued customers to inform them of a new service or an offer (unless the customer has requested not to receive promotional emails).