Alton Towers - Woodcutters Bar & Grill Restaraunt

We were asked at to supply a restaraunt in Alton Towers with a number of old tools, two man saws and wagon wheels to fit out the Woodcutter Grill resaraunt.

Daily Mail Magazine featured in the centre page of the Daily Mail magazine in helping to create the dream workshop.

Hollywood Movie - Flyboys tools have featured in different films including the Blockbuster film Flyboys.

Channel 4 - Titanic Documentary tools have featured in a documentary series about the tools that built the Titanic.

Art Displays tools have featured in a Japanese art display and has had interest from various art sources.

Film Props

We stock a wide range and quantity of tools that are not listed on our website, from old woodworking tools, 1000's of wooden planes, handsaws, large two man saws, various types of axes, garden tools, billhooks, hammers, old wooden tool chests, wooden cramps, ocassionly cart wheels etc...

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a quantity of props / tools not featured on our website.